What is Vision 2030?

Vision 2030 is a global strategy collaboratively developed by more than 120 national YMCA movements, allowing us to work in synergy towards common goals and priorities to continue positively impacting our communities. Vision 2030 has four fundamental pillars of action:

  • Community Well-being
  • Just World
  • Dignified and Meaningful Work
  • Sustainable Planet

What does YMCA Mexico do?

Established in 1892, YMCA in Mexico is dedicated to empowering young people, particularly those in vulnerable conditions. Through various programs and projects, YMCA Mexico fosters the integral development of individuals in spirit, mind, and body. Guided by core values such as love, respect, honesty, and responsibility, YMCA provides opportunities for individuals to reach their full potential with dignity. Their initiatives aim to promote physical and mental health, education, strengthen family and community relationships, and empower individuals as agents of change in society.

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Who organizes REGIONLAC?

The REGIONLAC Synergies Strengthening Conference is organized by the Regional Node of YMCA Latin America and the Caribbean in collaboration with the YMCA based in Mexico City.

Where does the event take place?

The event will be held in Mexico, specifically in its capital, Mexico City.

When do I need to arrive at the event?

Arrival on Tuesday, May 21, is recommended, with event registration starting at 4:00 PM.

What is the cost of participation?

The participation cost per person will be $845.00 USD for a single room and $680 for a double room.

What do I need to do to register?

You need to complete the form https://app.humand.co/forms/492070 and make the corresponding payment paypal.me/ymcalac

See the payment section for instructions.

Who can participate in REGIONLAC?

Professionals, volunteers, young people, and individuals from the YMCA who are interested in experiencing a unique event in Mexico City and learning more about the work of YMCA Mexico.

Are certificates provided?

Upon the conclusion of REGIONALC, participation certificates can be requested directly from the Regional Node team.

In what language will the event be conducted?

REGIONLAC will be conducted primarily in Spanish, with English interpretation available in some sesions.

When will the program of activities be available?

We invite you to visit the activities program section for the latest updates.

What should I know about Mexico?o?

 The word Mexico comes from the Nahuatl language, Mēxihco, which means “the navel of the moon.” Its official name is the United Mexican States. It is a country located in the southern part of North America, bordered to the north by the United States, to the southeast by Belize and Guatemala, to the east by the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, and to the west by the Pacific Ocean.

It is the fourteenth largest country in the world, with an area close to 2 million square kilometers.

It is the eleventh most populous country in the world, with a population of approximately 118 million inhabitants. The mother tongue is Spanish, which coexists with 67 indigenous languages.

Mexico is a representative and democratic republic, formed by free states united by a federal pact. The republic is made up of 31 free and sovereign states, and the Federal District, known as Mexico City.

For more information about Mexico, visit: https://visitmexico.com/


Mexico City is known as the Cultural Capital of America. It is one of the richest and most fascinating destinations in the world, not only because it is one of the three main cities with the largest number of museums, but also because it combines a historical legacy full of flavor thanks to its varied gastronomic offerings, recognized by food lovers, local, traditional, and with a great international fusion.

The City that has it all is the epicenter of the most important cultural, sports, and artistic festivals in Latin America.

In Mexico City, you can enjoy cultural roots full of magic, customs, and great traditions in a city that contrasts a metropolis with green spaces full of life.

For more information, visit: https://visitmexico.com/cdmx

¿Qué información básica debo conocer sobre México?

  • Capital: Mexico City National
  • Language: Spanish
  • Currency: The official currency is the Mexican Peso (MXN).
  • Credit Cards: Most establishments accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express debit and credit cards.
  • Tipping: Although tipping is not mandatory, it is customary to give around 10% of the total bill. Tour guides and hotel staff also usually receive tips, but they are not obligatory.
  • Taxi: Use registered taxis at airports, hotels, or radio taxis, as well as applications like UBER or DiDi. Dialing
  • Code: +52 International
  • Calls: + country code + area code + phone number.
  • Time Zone: (UTC-06:00)


In Mexico, the standard voltage is 110 V. The frequency is 60 Hz. Plugs and sockets are type A/B.

What will the weather be like in Mexico during our event?

Most of the country experiences a Subhumid Temperate climate (87%). The rest has Dry and Semidry (7%) and Humid Temperate (6%) climates.

The average annual temperature in Mexico City is 16°C. The highest temperatures, above 25°C, occur from March to May, and the lowest, around 5°C, in January.

For the dates of our event, maximum temperatures around 27°C and minimums of 12°C are expected, with some chances of rain.

What things should I consider regarding safety?


Mexico City is located in a high seismic zone, so it is important to consider protocols in case of a possible earthquake or any other emergency situation.

Sound of the earthquake alert (be cautious when listening in public places): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiiPHjyp7pM 


  • Emergency: 911
  • Red Cross: 55 53 95 11 11
  • LOCATEL: 55 56 58 11 11
  • Civil Protection: 55 51 28 00 00
  • Anonymous Report: 089
  • Federal Police: 088


It is mandatory for all delegates to have international medical insurance coverage and to carry a copy of the policy at all times, as well as a copy of their passport or identification card.

How do I get to the event?


The Benito Juárez International Airport, officially known as the Mexico City International Airport, is a commercial airport serving the metropolitan area of the Mexico City valley.

The airport’s IATA code is MEX, and it currently has 2 terminals for domestic and international arrivals.

Official Website: https://www.aicm.com.mx/

*It is crucial that upon your arrival in Mexico City, you select the Mexico City International Airport. There is another airport known as Felipe Ángeles, located about 45 km from Mexico City, so transportation services will not be available from that airport.

**Make sure to provide the event organizers with a copy of your flight itinerary, including flight number and airline, well in advance to ensure a smooth reception.


If you require assistance upon arrival, please contact the Airport Transfer Coordinator, Abraham Martínez, at +52 55 4225 1415 or via email: abrahammartinez@ymcacdmex.org.mx


There are various ground transportation options in Mexico City. We recommend using safe taxis or ride-hailing services like Uber or Didi at all times.

Mexico City has an application for requesting safe taxis through its app, which you can download here:

Do I need a VISA to enter Mexico?

Some countries require a visa to enter Mexico.

We suggest visiting the official pages of the Mexican government. https://www.gob.mx/inm/documentos/paises-y-regiones-que-requieren-visa-para-viajar-a-mexico

Some countries in the region that require a visa include: Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Venezuela.

How will the dress code be?

We suggest a business casual dress code for conference activities. Additionally, we recommend bringing a light garment to cover yourself from the air conditioning inside the conference rooms.

For the month of May, Mexico City will experience minimum temperatures of 14°C and maximums of up to 27°C, so we expect very pleasant weather. However, there may be rainy days, so it is advisable to bring rain gear and some light warm clothing just in case.

The event t-shirt will be worn on Thursday, May 23rd, so we suggest comfortable clothing for the visit to the YMCA programs in Mexico. On that same day, the event photograph will be taken. It is also advisable to use sunscreen and bring waterproof clothing and an umbrella in case of rain.

Any other questions?

Event driven by the Regional Node

We are a human team that inspires, facilitates, and connects the 25 YMCA organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean, to increase our relevance, social impact, and sustainability.