Together, we will

transform communities

Together, we will transform communities

We believe in the power of working in synergy to transform the lives of youth. If you share our mission, we are ready to co-create programs with you that benefit our communities and promote a more just and inclusive future.

Benefits of being a partner

Reasons to work in synergy

You will have access to communities in vulnerable situations to achieve social impact goals

You will strengthen inter institutional relationships and improve your reputation in the territory

You will expand impact figures and strengthen your sustainability plan

Your brand will be recognized at the regional level for its positive impact on youth.

Ways to get involved

There are many ways you can become an ally of the YMCA. Here are some options

Purposeful Donations:

Your contribution can make a big difference in the lives of youth.

Corporate Volunteering:

Share your time and skills to leave a positive impact.

Implementation Partner:

Let’s work together to create transformative and high-impact initiatives.

Social Media Promotion:

Help us raise awareness about our social causes.

Become a partner