What drives us

  to action

What drives us to action

We have been working since 2019 at a global level on a shared strategy called Vision 2030.

This vision aims to transform the organisation internally, empower the youth and their communities, and drive our global impact.

  • Mission
Empower young people and communities worldwide to build a just, sustainable, equitable, and inclusive world, where all individuals can thrive in mind, body, and soul.
  • Vision
A world where people live harmoniously with themselves, society, and creation.

Just World

We believe in the power of youth and their communities to work for justice, peace, equity, and Human Rights.

Comprehensive care for girls and boys up to the age of 5, to provide equitable access to education and care in healthy, safe, and meaningful spaces, offering activities focused on their holistic development, education, health, and wellbeing, nutrition, and pedagogy with methodologies centered around play.

Opening extracurricular programs that provide safe spaces with academic support, tutoring, STEM learning, development of socio-emotional skills, and education based on values, leadership, arts, sports, and civic engagements, promoting and maximizing the interests and strengths of the participants.

Promotion of Human Rights and gender perspective focused on preventing violence and sexual exploitation of children, young people, and women through activities that promote peace, respect, and awareness, and that strengthen the economic conditions of families and women (including transgender women and the LGBTQ+ community)

Basic and university education with the objective of educating young people who are academically prepared and committed to their community and environment.

Promotion of the culture of peace and good treatment in the communities of the region, which seeks to generate opportunities for active participation and incidence of youth in peace building.

Meaningful Work

Definition: We believe that every young person should have access to flexible, dignified, and relevant work in order to build a sustainable life.

Promotion of local and national initiatives where individuals, accompanied and trained in our organization, find opportunities for dignified employment, increasing their participation in the formal economy, and reducing labour dropout.

Development of projects by young people and individuals belonging to historically vulnerable groups for their economic empowerment; providing support and training to enable them to positively impact their communities in response to unemployment and the lack of formal job opportunities.

Training for young and adult individuals to develop their financial management skills, plan for their future, and enhance their knowledge, skills, and attitudes related to finances.

Counseling and support for young people to improve self-awareness, enabling them to recognize their vocational orientation, strengthen their technical and socio-emotional skills, and make informed decisions that allow them to take advantage of educational and employment opportunities.

Community & Wellbeing

We believe that every person should have the means to grow and thrive, taking care of their individual and collective wellbeing.

Promotion of community-based prevention initiatives that encourage the development of good mental health habits through pedagogical communication and dissemination, the enhancement of socio-emotional skills. and the strengthening of community networks.

Promotion of overall wellbeing and physical development through outdoor activities, sports, the promotion of healthy lifestyles and habits, primary medical care, nutrition, and dental care.

Activities that foster the spiritual growth and strengthening of individuals.

Training programs for young people in leadership and civic engagement, where they develop the necessary skills to navigate favorably and responsibly in various aspects of their lives, becoming committed citizens and leaders of the 21st century.

Sustainable Planet

We believe in the commitment to protect the planet and live harmoniously with nature.

Promotion of urban, peri-urban, and small-scale agriculture through initiatives focused on assisting families in vulnerable situations, providing them with materials and knowledge to implement practices that generate environmental awareness and enable families to self-manage their own food.

Practice of camping and promotion of outdoor activities. Combining elements of environmental education, experiential learning, and socio-emotional development, we work with individuals, schools, and groups to encourage ecological awareness, promote environmental culture, and contribute to a healthier world.

Basic and university education with  the aim of preparing academically qualified young people who are committed to their community and environment.

Training young people to become dedicated to productive and sustainable agriculture, developing their skills in sustainable entrepreneurship and business for the benefit of their families and the community.

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