Transform Realities,

Be a Volunteer

Transform Realities, Be a Volunteer

Join the YMCA as a volunteer and help Foster Education, wellbeing, and social inclusion for the youth and communities of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Why be a volunteer ?


Volunteering at the YMCA is much more than just donating your time and effort.

It’s a unique opportunity to be part of a vibrant and diverse community where you can help improve the lives of individuals and communities. Get to know the voices of our volunteers

Contribute to building a more inclusive and equitable society.

Make a positive difference in the lives of youth and communities.

Acquire new skills and broaden your perspective.

Find the Project or Activity that Ignites Your Passion

Promote the wellbeing of youth and children through sports and recreation.

Teach leadership and teamwork to youth or children.

Support culture through diverse workshops and events.

Participate in meaningful fundraising events.

Join a committee to organize activities for the community.

Get involved in activities that promote inclusion and equity in the community.

Serve on a planning committee to help organize activities that benefit the community.

How to Take the Step into Volunteering

Identify your interests and skills
Choose an area in which you would like to volunteer that fits your skills and experience.
Find volunteering opportunities
Visit the YMCA website to find a complete list of volunteer opportunities in your local area. You can also call or visit your nearest YMCA for information on available volunteer opportunities.
Here you will find where we are.
Apply for volunteer opportunities
Once you have found a volunteer opportunity that interests you, submit an application to express your interest and share your skills and experience.
Complete the application process:
YMCA will request some documents and forms for you to be evaluated and approved as a volunteer.
Attends volunteer training:
Before you begin volunteering, the YMCA will require you to attend training to learn about volunteer policies, procedures and expectations.
Start your volunteer work:
Once you have completed the training, you will be able to start your volunteer work. Enjoy the experience of helping others and contributing to a more just, inclusive and sustainable community!