Scaling Measurement of Socioemotional Skills in Latin America and the Caribbean
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Colombia (Bogota and Cali) and Peru







Templeton World Charity Foundation and Hello Insight.

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According to the OECD (2021), youth in Latin America and the Caribbean face disadvantages in their path towards overall wellbeing, productivity, and prosperity, as they live in one of the regions with one of the largest socioemotional skills gaps in the world. Additionally, there is no large-scale assessment under a common framework in the region (Mateo & Rucci, 2019), hindering efforts to reduce this gap. Despite some efforts in Latin America, evaluation remains scarce, costly, and not easily accessible, especially for NGOs.


We are working on the validation and scalability of a reliable, proven, low-cost, highly accessible, and sustainable tool for measuring socioemotional skills. This tool can be used by academic institutions, non-governmental organizations, and youth-serving organizations. We aim to close the gap in measurement and learning, thereby transforming skills so that, through their strengthening, children and youth can thrive and become empowered leaders and engaged citizens.