Participants (programs and projects)

Last update date: September 12, 2023

LA ALIANZA LATINOAMERICANA Y DEL CARIBE DE ASOCIACIONES CRISTIANAS DE JÓVENES, ASOCIACIÓN CIVIL (“YMCA LAC ” or” we “) with address at Avenida Ejercito nacional 253a piso 1, Colonia Anáhuac, Alcaldía Miguel Hidalgo, Cciudad de México, Código Postal 11320, is data controller for the processing of your personal information, the use that is given to them and their protection. When we refer to YMCA LAC or “we ” in this Privacy Notice, we are also referring to all of our business units and affiliates, unless specifically stated otherwise.

Our commitment to your privacy

In YMCA LAC we are aware that all people who collaborate or have collaborated with us (including employees, volunteers, and participants of programs, projects, and regional activities such as the youth in governance roles program “YGOR”, the regional mental health program, the YMCA Líderes program, training programs and any other, which are listed but not limited to, managed by YMCA LAC (the “Programs”), as well as all the people with whom we deal daily have the right to privacy and protection of their personal data. Therefore, we are concerned about establishing and maintaining in force controls, measures, and procedures that allow us to protect the personal data of all persons who interact with us; the above, per the provisions of the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Private Parties (“LFPDPPP”), its Regulations.

This Privacy Notice is intended to inform our program participants (collectively, “you”) about our organization’s privacy policies and practices and your rights.

Why is it important for you to read this Notice?

This Privacy Notice details how YMCA LAC uses your personal information and the rights you have. Please take a minute to review this information.

This Privacy Notice provides relevant information for anyone who shares personal data with us or otherwise initiates a participation process with us (the “Participants”).

Unless specifically stated otherwise, the term “you” in this Privacy Notice refers to any of the groups of individuals referred to herein, unless a particular group is alluded to. Although the purposes for which we process the personal data of each of the groups of individuals referred to are different, in general, we are concerned with protecting such information in the same manner, in compliance with the law. Therefore, unless specifically stated otherwise in this Privacy Notice, the terms (“you” and/or “participant”) include participants in regional programs, projects, and activities.

Data we may collect from you

The information we can collect from you depends on your relationship with us:

As mental health program pilots and social-emotional skills measurement program participants, the data that we can request from you are the following:

  • Identification data: information that allows you to differentiate you from other individuals. This data includes name, age, date of birth, gender, and sex.
  • Contact details: information that allows us to stay connected with you. This data may include your home address, email address, home phone number, or other contact phone number, such as cell phone number and/or messaging platform (e.g., WhatsApp) and social networks.
  • Employment data: information concerning your previous employment or current employment, position or commission, either in our institution or in the company in which you work; work performance, professional experience, information related to training that has been taken, evaluations, professional profile, disciplinary actions, reason for termination of employment, among others.
  • Emergency contact: information regarding the emergency contact person such as name and telephone number.

Sensitive personal data

It is noted that we do not collect any sensitive personal data; therefore, we ask that you do not send any such personal data.

Means through which we obtain your personal information

YMCA LAC may obtain personal information from you through various means:

  • Personally, of the Participant during the selection process and throughout the participation relationship.
  • Directly from the owner, through various channels, including our official website, our intranet, telephone, monitoring and video surveillance systems, computer platforms, and YMCA LAC applications.
  • Indirectly, for example, by receiving reports or information provided to us by companies we hire to conduct tests or examinations of various kinds concerning our job Participants (e.g., psychometric tests) or when we obtain data that are stored in publicly accessible sources.

Purposes for which the Company processes your personal information

Although the purposes may vary according to the legal relationship through which you collaborate with YMCA LAC, in general, your personal information is used for the following purposes:

Primary Purposes:

  • In the case of Participants, to: (i) the proper administration of the relationship for participation in the programs, including to form and keep updated the Participant’s file and to make payments; (ii) identify the Participant’s capabilities, aptitudes and competencies and evaluate their performance; (iv) support them in case of accidents and generate the corresponding internal reports; (v) evaluate the use that participants make of YMCA LAC facilities, information and communications infrastructure and the equipment that YMCA LAC makes available to the Participant as tools or those owned by the Participant that YMCA LAC allows to connect to the YMCA LAC network, also as a tool for employment; monitoring is carried out in order to protect our computer systems, assets, property, intellectual property assets and the security of YMCA LAC and its participants (including also the integrity, working conditions and assets of our staff); (vi) verify and audit our Participants’ compliance with our internal policies; (vii) carry out internal investigations or audits for compliance, quality or investigation of inappropriate or illegal conduct, among others; and (viii) share information related to the projects.
  • In the case of program participants, we use the data to send them the corresponding certificates.
  • In the case of program participants, we use the data to enter them into a Virtual Learning System, so that they can conduct their training process and so that they can contact each other and generate networks and employment groups.

Secondary Purposes:

Occasionally, your information may be used for YMCA LAC advertising campaigns or internal communication (e.g., event-related photos).

We inform you that the use of your data to manage advertising activities is not necessary for the maintenance of our relationship with you. In this sense, in case you disagree with the use of your data for secondary purposes, you may contact us at, to the attention of our Data Privacy Officer (“DPO”).

Transfers of personal information

YMCA LAC can communicate or transfer your personal information to different entities, for the purposes established in this Privacy Notice. These transfers are made to the extent that they are necessary for the maintenance or fulfillment of the legal relationship between YMCA LAC and you. It is noted that any of the transfers referred to below can be of a national or international nature.

Data submissions

YMCA LAC can send all or part of your personal information to service providers that support us in any process. These providers include, for example: (i) companies that provide us with any recruitment and selection services; (ii) accounting or IT companies that support us in making the payroll; (iii) companies or laboratories that perform psychometric, psychological tests, medical, clinical studies, among others; (iv) firms that support us in accounting, tax, legal and immigration matters; and (v) insurance agents and insurers; Before we transfer information to these providers, we make sure to sign contracts that allow these companies to commit to protecting the personal information of our participants and partners.

Transfers of personal information to our affiliates

As YMCA LAC is part of an international group, the personal information of Participants may be communicated or transferred to other companies in our same corporate group, which may be in Mexico or abroad. Our affiliates make reasonable efforts to implement measures and policies to protect the personal information of our Participants; These policies are consistent with ours and are designed to comply with the provisions of the personal information protection laws of each country.

Transfers of personal information to third parties

Your personal information may be communicated or transferred to a third party other than the above in certain cases; We will only transfer your data when we have your consent or when it is not necessary for the transfer in terms of article 37 of the LFPDPPP. The Participant specifically accepts that his data be transferred to third parties in the following cases: (i) when YMCA LAC must transfer the data to the competent authorities, including social security, tax, labor, those in charge of procurement justice, among others; (ii) those made to the union of which the participant is a member when so requested by the participant or the union, or when the transfer is necessary to comply with the law; (iii) to insurers, banks and other companies when necessary to comply with contractual or legal obligations; and (iv) when the data needs to be transferred to a third party in the context of a corporate transaction (including mergers, acquisitions, among others). In these cases, the companies that could receive your information are the potential acquirers and the advisers (legal, accounting, or financial, among others) that participate in the transaction. We will only communicate your personal information to said third parties to the extent that such communication is necessary to evaluate or complete the transaction (e.g., to facilitate an adequate employer substitution).

Means available to Individuals to exercise their rights regarding Personal Data

All of our Participants will have, at all times, the right to request YMCA LAC access to their personal information and/or rectification thereof; Likewise, you may request that your data be canceled, oppose YMCA LAC processing said data for specific purposes and/or revoke the consent that you have previously given us to process your data for a specific purpose (the “ARCO Rights “); please consider that your ARCO Rights are subject to the limitations established by law. To exercise your ARCO Rights, you must send YMCA LAC your request to the following email, in attention to our DPO. This email is also enabled so that Participants can raise doubts or complaints related to their privacy rights to our DPO.

If you are interested in exercising any of the ARCO Rights, you must send to the email of YMCA LAC indicated in this Privacy Notice, a letter that must contain at least the following: (i) your full name and surname, full address and email, in which the corresponding response will be communicated; (ii) attach the documents that duly prove your identity, or where appropriate, the representation of the same under oath to tell the truth. For this, only a copy of both sides of the current voter’s credential and/or a copy of the current passport will be accepted as identity documents; and (iii) the detailed, clear, and precise description of the personal information with respect to which you wish to exercise any of the aforementioned rights.

In the case of exercising the right of rectification, the documentation that proves your request must be attached.
YMCA LAC will have a period of no more than 20 (twenty) days from the day after receipt of the corresponding email, through the email provided by you.

Options available to you to limit our use or disclosure of your personal information

As a Participant, you may at some point want to explore whether there are ways to limit how we use or disclose your personal information in any way. For example, a Participant may request that their photograph not be published on our internal network or in a YMCA LAC catalog; a candidate to Participant may request that we not send them emails informing them of opportunities at YMCA LAC; a former participant could request that we not give reference to him, etc. In these cases, or in any other in which you wish to explore what ways exist so that we do not process your data for a particular purpose, please contact us at the email address mentioned above. Our DPO will let you know what options you have.

Security measures

YMCA LAC will adopt the technical, administrative, and physical security measures that are necessary in terms of the LFPDPPP, for the protection of the personal information of Participants. Likewise, we are concerned that our Contractors also incorporate security measures to protect your personal information

Modifications to the privacy notice

YMCA LAC reserves the right to make changes or updates to this Privacy Notice at any time. The modified Privacy Notice will be published on our website, on our intranet or will be sent to you by email or any other means of communication. You will be able to verify that the Privacy Notice has been modified by us will alwa,ys note the date of the last update. If YMCA LAC makes any material changes to the processing of your personal information, we will notify you by email or by announcing these changes on our website. Any change made to our Privacy Notice will take effect the day after it is published on our website. If you do not agree with the modifications, please contact our DPO.