Learn about Karol’s story

Maria Fernanda Giraldo

Karol is a young Honduran woman who, thanks to the YMCA, has found her vocation as an agent of change in her community and has discovered her potential to generate a positive impact on society.

Karol met the YMCA in 2018 as a beneficiary of a project in youth advocacy. From this experience, she decided to continue participating in the programs that the Association had at the local level, focused on the integral development of young people.

Eventually, Karol decided to become a YMCA volunteer to help other young people enjoy the same experiences she had had. Since then, she has been an active collaborator in different projects of the organization.

For Karol, the YMCA has been a key tool in her personal and professional growth. Thanks to the organization, she has been able to meet other professionals in her field, share with people from different cultures and take care of her mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

But, above all, the YMCA has strengthened her identity as a young agent of change and has allowed her to discover her potential to generate a positive impact on society. Karol assures that “the YMCA has been a source of inspiration and motivation to move forward with my projects and to work for a more just and equitable society”.

Karol is just one example of how the YMCA can transform the lives of young people and turn them into leaders committed to their community. The organization continues to work on its mission to promote the integral development of young people, peace and social justice, and hopes to continue counting on committed people like Karol to achieve its goals.

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